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Our coaches' education is targeted towards professional coaches and therapists, however, we welcome motivated and forward-thinking students. We understand that the cost of our education can be beyond the means of many students, which is why we came up with our exchange program. Simply put, you get the full education, in exchange for hours worked. 


who is THIS FOR?

This exchange program is for students who are interested in...

  • experiencing further education outside of the academic world

  • connecting with professionals who are already working as coaches or therapists

  • diving into practical coaching with real clients and groups

  • developing their presentation and speaking skills

  • progressive and unconventional applications of evidence-based principles



Students of any area of study are eligible to apply, so long as they live and study mainly in Cologne the at least the next two years. As you will become a part of our team at Black Box Athletics for a while, it's important that you and we are the right fit for one another. We are looking for people with an athletic background, especially team sports but it's not a must. Once you have joined our group classes a few times, we will let you know if you are eligible based on how you are in a group environment.



Each of the components below get added on with each progressive day, the order is flexible and up to the coach.

  1. All modules of the Kraftletics education, giving you a comprehensive understanding of modern and progressive principles of applied neuromuscular anatomy and coaching psychology. For more details, see course information on each individual module.

  2. Coaches' 6-Day On-Ramp is a guided program to get you on the floor of a gym, coaching real clients. It is an intensive but highly rewarding process in which you practice applying every principle you will learn in the modules.

  3. Mentorship throughout the whole process you'll have opportunities to connect and learn from other coaches and therapist who are already working giving you many knew perspectives and chances to learn.



In​ exchange, we asked for classes coached to sum up to the current package price of the all four modules plus the on-ramp. Each class is valued at a beginner coaches' hourly rate of 30 euros.

(Four-module price + on-ramp) / 30 euros = No. of required classes in exchange

It works out to approximately 145 classes, however, this will be clarified when responding to your application. Both parties are able to terminate the exchange for any reason, in which case the remaining amount owed for the on-ramp and modules attended will be invoiced. 



On-Ramp Review with Kathi

On-Ramp Review with Kathi

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On-Ramp Review with Noah

On-Ramp Review with Noah

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