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module 1

kraftletics neurology

Where applied neurology meets functional training.

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This course aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the applied neurological principles that form the foundation of the KRAFTLETICS concept. Through practical exercises, you will develop the ability to deliver a wide range of neurocentric warm-ups to groups. Additionally, you will gain insights into how KRAFTLETICS aligns with the prevailing trends and demands of the current health and fitness market.



  • Original story - Evolving from CrossFit to KRAFTLETICS

  • Applied neurology foundational concepts

  • The KRAFTLETICS WARM UP - A Neurocentric Functional Warm-up

  • Analyzing your current warm-up routine and current training programs

  • Redefining the Functional in “Functional Training”

    1. Visual Function

    2. Vestibular Function

    3. Respiratory Function

    4. Proprioceptiive and Interoceptive Function

  • Reflexive Stability - Important Reflexes

  • Programming basics for Functional Group Training - “Constantly Varied” Neural Engagement


included in package

  • Live seminar enrolment where you can experience the KRAFTLETICS workouts yourself each morning

  • Starter workouts that you can try with your clients and athletes and accesss to the starter programming template

  • Practical Tools on how to modify your current training program to include more KRAFTLETICS concepts

  • Movement Library access with filter functions for reflexes, movement focuses, brain endurance focuses, etc.

  • Online course access with handouts, manuals and resources.

  • Lecture recordings from previous seminars

  • Online testing to successfully complete this module certification





Join us for the first module of the KRAFTLETICS certification, a two-day seminar. This seminar is part of a four-module program.

30.–31. März 2024 from 9:00-18:00

Black Box Athletics

Köln, Marktstraße 27, 50968 Köln, Deutschland

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