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module 4

kraftletics coaching art 

Where motor learning science meets the art of coaching

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In this course you will learn why many popular coaching approaches are not as effective as one might think. Understand and practice our unique coaching method that is based on optimal motor learning theory. Gain a unique blend of coaching skills to efficiently and effectively lead individual and diverse group training sessions. Practice and develop these skills with your fellow coaches.



  • ​Talent hot beds and what are the ingredients for the most "talented" people

  • Deep practice as a basis for mastery and how to break it down

  • Motivation as only one aspect of becoming a master coach

  • O.P.T.I.M.A.L. Theory - Optimizing Performance Through Intrinsic Motivation and Attention for Learning

  • Learner autonomy and how it increases intrinsic motivation

  • Enhanced expectations and how it increases intrinsic motivation

  • Feedback best practices, when, how often, and what to say for effectiveness

  • Vocal control and flexibility as a tool for conveying clear communication, confidence, and group management.

  • Music and time management 

  • Reinforcements and corrections for shipping behaviour and guiding learning

  • Inclusive language for fitness levels, age and gender

  • Practical practice and lots of it!


included in package

  • Live seminar enrolment where you can experience the KRAFTLETICS workouts yourself each morning

  • Practicing principles in person at the seminars regarding each topic

  • Language and dialogue guidelines to apply principles successfully

  • Online course access with handouts, manuals and resources.

  • Lecture recordings from previous seminars

  • Online testing to successfully complete this module certification



M4 Interview with Philipp

M4 Interview with Philipp

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Join us for the third module of the KRAFTLETICS certification, a two-day seminar. This seminar is part of a four-module program.

03.–04. August 2024 from 9:00-18:00 daily

Black Box Athletics

Köln, Marktstraße 27, 50968 Köln, Deutschland

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