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Our Mission

Giving people & athletes agency over their bodies to improve their longevity in life and sports, so that they may contribute to a more compassionate society.


Kraftletics introduces an innovative training approach, seamlessly blending the benefits of neuroathletics, functional training, and team dynamics. It masterfully translates neuroathletic principles with functional workouts. What sets it apart is not just the content but the delivery: our coaches are educated in social psychology, fostering a nurturing and collaborative training environment. Participants engage in truly interactive sessions, working together rather than just next to eachother. Here, the goal isn't to push your body to its breaking point but to embrace fluidity and grace in movement. While the exercises are demanding, they are balanced with a sense of play and purposeful intent.



Tina Nguyen


My name is Tina Nguyen, born in Toronto, Canada, to Vietnamese war refugees. Growing up in a first-generation immigrant family, I've developed a profound appreciation for the rich tapestry of diverse cultural values. This upbringing fueled my passion for athletics, leading to the establishment of Black Box Athletics, a gym that embodies my love for sports and a deep sense of responsibility.

I believe in the power of sports and food alike to bridge connections among people. Owning a physical space for Black Box Athletics allows for the unique opportunity to foster community and interaction. Reflecting on my fortunate circumstances, I often say I won the  "birth lottery"—being born into a first-world country with access to education and opportunities my parents could only dream of—I am committed to leveraging this privilege. By developing a distinctive training concept and environment, my aim is to make a positive impact on society.

For me it was important to offer training that is well-informed, based on applied neurology, with the goal of improving longevity for sports and for life. Not just living longer or playing your sport for longer, but living well, enjoying and having fun. It is very much often overlooked when we look at mainstream fitness concepts. We are looking for give people something honest and good. 

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