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kraftletics KICKSTART

Your first experience and entry to the KRAFTLETICS concept. 

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The purpose of the KICKSTART weekend is to provide coaches with an immersive experience of the culture, atmosphere, challenge, and enjoyment of KRAFTLETICS training, allowing you to determine if becoming a KRAFTLETICS coach aligns with your aspirations. Our goal is to give you an accurate impression and taste of each of the Modules in the entire education.


who is kraftletics for?

KRAFTLETICS is a neurocentric functional group training system. It blends neuroathletic, strength and conditioning, group training, and applied social psychology. It's for coaches or aspiring coaches who...

  • Have a deep passion for movement science and neurology

  • Value a motivating and positive training culture

  • Are dedicated to constant development of their craft

  • Enjoy working with teams and groups of people

  • Enthusiastic about crafting their soft skills as a coach

  • Keen on being on the best at what they do


included in package

  • KRAFTLETICS workout with a diverse group of people every morning

  • Breakdown of a 60-minute KRAFTLETICS training session

  • Signature warm-up and the fundamental neurological principles. Practice coaching parts of the warm-up

  • Applied psychology and intentionally forming training culture

  • O.P.T.I.M.A.L. learning theory and try out best coaching practices for optimising motor learning

  • Brain endurance and how to integrate it into conditioning


included in package

  • Live seminar enrolment where you can experience the KRAFTLETICS workouts yourself each morning

  • Starter workouts that you can try with your clients and athletes and accesss to the starter programming templates

  • Practical Tools on how to modify your current training program to include more KRAFTLETICS concepts

  • Movement Library access with filter functions for reflexes, movement focuses, brain endurance focuses, etc.

  • Online course access with handouts, manuals and resources.

  • Lecture recordings from previous seminars



Join us for the first module of the KRAFTLETICS certification, a two-day seminar. This seminar is part of a four-module program.

Next date to be announced

Black Box Athletics

Köln, Marktstraße 27, 50968 Köln, Deutschland



Kickstart Weekend

Kickstart Weekend

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Participant interview

Kickstart Interview with Katja

Kickstart Interview with Katja

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