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FINAL practical EXAMINATION process

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You've completed all the modules, successfully passed all the online quizzes, and have attended the seminars. Congrats! It is essential that our coaches can apply everything they have learned practically, hence the final practical exam to get your certification. Coaches have to show that they are athletic movers and that they can coach a complete KRAFTLETICS training session with real clients.



Part A - 20 Fundamental Kraftletics Exercises
As being and athletic mover is an important part to being a Kraftletics coach, coaches will need to practice and send in videos demonstrating the 20 fundamental Kraftletics exercises.

Part B - Live Coaching Session

Coaches must demonstrate that they can apply almost all of the principles learned throughout all four modules. Coaches have the options of doing this either (1) remotely, by attaching a GoPro to yourself and sending the recording in or (2) coaching a live class at Black Box Athletics. 

If coaches choose to do this part of the examination live, they need to send in the following prerequisites: 

  1. Video of coach running our signature warm-up

  2. Video of coach providing exercise explanations

  3. Video of coaching running cool down


included in package

  • Video explanations for each the examination parts listed above

  • Grading templates for demonstrating the 20 fundamental movements and the live coaching session

  • Buddy coach who works at Black Box Athletics as a friend to ask questions to in preparation 

  • Feedback rounds to improve and progress



Live coaching examinations can be combined with seminar re-attendance when desired.

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